GERMANY: Streetart Berlin – Charlottenburg – Kurfürstendamm 229 – Pop Kudamm – AUTARK Exhibition – Liberation II

AUTARK’s “Liberation” Exhibition continues at POP KUDAMM

The “Liberation” exhibition by AUTARK was barely finished when another opportunity arose to show the works to the public for a longer period of time. The alternative art location POP KUDAMM with creative projects, art happenings and cool events in a temporary container construct directly on Kudamm offered AUTARK the possibility to present his works there as well till.

On the one hand the shown artworks were similar to the intro exhibition, on the other hand you could admire additionally some new innovative and quite interesting digital elements. Virtual replicas of the existing artworks with some modeled movement were shown, plus the so called NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. An exciting journey into the AUTARK world of art at POP KUDAMM.

POP KUDAMM about the artist:  AUTARK is always breaking new ground. Take your own experiences with you to create something new. And incorporate everything that we experience in this world into our own development in order to create one work at the end. And above all: don’t set yourself any limits and don’t commit yourself. That is the motivation of the Berlin artist AUTARK.

In the showroom at POP KUDAMM you could see, admire and purchase sculptures and graphite drawings from the recent exhibition “Liberation”, in which AUTARK brings nature to life. As real artistic handwork on canvas as well as digitally transformed as NFTs.

Visitors could went on an exciting journey through the “AUTARKE” world of art and get their own impression of AUTARK Art at POP KUDAMM. It is also important to mention that “autark” is a German word which means “self-sufficient” in English. This meaning is also the trademark of the artist and he is not only creative with his works, but also plays with his artist name and its meaning for the general public or for himself. The show room exhibition took place till 21st May 2022. Check out as well the interview with AUTARK and the page about the Liberation exhibition.

From the interview with AUTARK:  “The art space POP KUDAMM is now planned for the next two to three years. So the whole location will be there for the next two to three years. That’s a lot of containers that have been stacked on top of each other and that’s right on the Kudamm. So at Kurfürstendamm 290 at the Kurfürstendamm underground station and diagonally across from the cult bar Kanzlereck. And there is a container that I was allowed to use from my dear colleague Cap10. This is a little guerrilla marketing genius. He’s also starting to show himself more in public now and also says he wants to stay in the arts. So a big thank you to him at this point. There I then exhibited the artworks of Liberation in a different form. I was there almost every day and you got an insight into the things I do. Because I don’t like standing still.”

AUTARK about his concept:

The idea of ​​”Autark” should help me in my art not to set any limits to myself. Not committing yourself. Always breaking new ground. Take your experiences with you to create something new. We have so much to experience in this world. Culture, music, dance, language. All of this should help me to develop further. In order to create the one work at the end.


Artist:  AUTARK




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Photographer: HOLGER PETER

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