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Character Jam Interview

During the Character Jam event at the Youth Center Am Bügel we spoke with sprayer FUEGO FATAL from the legendary DBL crew. He has teamed up with  crew colleague ME ONE to paint a wall. And they created a cool Honey Badger image with DBL lettering. In an interview FUEGO FATAL told us about graffiti art and the Character Jam. The audio podcast is in German but you can find the translated interview below.

Tell me a little bit about your art, about the event and what you want to do on the wall here.

So the event is the annual character jam at the youth center Am Bügel on the Ben Gurion Ring. It has been around for a few years now. There are once a year people from the region coming, also from nationwide and today are even a few people from France here. And we basically redesign the youth center here every year. Mainly with a focus on characters, so a happy presentation, but there is always a bit of everything there. Still with the emphasis on characters. Yes, we paint a wall again today! We have been doing this for a lot of times already. For the last three or four years we have always been here. So ME ONE makes the characters, I’ll do the lettering. This will be what is called a concept wall. And it will show a honey badger. The honey badger, which is known to be the most fearless animal in the fauna. We will do that today. You have to look at this later when it’s done. That’s a pretty nice big wall here and it will be completely remodeled by us.

If you paint something together in a team, do you have a rough picture in advance?

Sure yes. Yes, we sit down together and consider everything. We think about what are we going to do, what do we want to do there at the weekend at the event. What is the theme. Which topic we sit down. And yes, yes, we do it right with concept meeting and talk the whole thing through. And if we stand here against the wall, then we’ll just kill it. We already know what we want to do before.

ME ONE has started here now with the character and then you just do the writing.

Exactly, I’ll do the right wing. The characters on the right wall, there will be the first letters. These are the letters from our crew. DBL. And this afterwards gives such an overall composition of message, which stands as well there by letters.  And then there is the character, which represents all of that.

Tell me some more about the DBL crew. You said it’s one of the oldest crews here.

Yes, I would even say, probably the oldest crew that still exists at all. It was founded in the early 90s. So if you know something here in Frankfurt, that will be a concept. Meanwhile, we are all a bit older, but that does not detract from the matter. Everyone is still active. Or very many and that is also our thing at a house like here to make big conceptual plans. Something where we stand there for two days and paint something.

Here at the youth house you have also good opportunities to pass this on to the youth.

Yes totally. And I’m personally very affected, because I grew up here in the Ben Gurion ring. So this is really my Hood, just to say. And here, too, graffiti got to me. Here I also saw my first graffiti from the boys. That’s a very special place anyway. Very charged. But in itself, so the youth center, you can say, that was and is significant, if not crucial responsible for the graffiti development in Frankfurt. In fact, there was the highest density of best graffiti here, very early on, so by the end of the 80s. And that has definitely shaped Frankfurt in any case. For me it’s just the most natural place to do that, because it’s so natural to me. And here it has a very special flair again if graffiti is made here. Because here it was, from here it comes, so to speak. You can say that graffiti besides on the street and the tags which existed, there have been a few places in Frankfurt which influenced that. And this place here is one of this places. Really very many people have painted their first pictures here or seen their first big productions here. And I would say, 100% of all sprayers in Frankfurt have ever painted here once sometime. Everyone, just everyone. You have to have painted here. That’s what makes the place so special. It has a very long graffiti story.

There are probably tens of layers of the most blatant graffiti on top of each other.

Right. Every generation of graffiti writers of the past 25 years has definitely painted here. Everyone.




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Character Jam 2014

The lettering is from FUGEO FATAL and the characters are from ME ONE

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