GERMANY: Augenmädchen – The “Eyes Girls” from painter and print artist Kerstin Lichtblau

Bright big eyes. That is the trademark of the works of the Frankfurt artist Kerstin Lichtblau, or rather the girls with the big eyes. It happens here and there that a monkey, riot rabbit or panda bear is on it, creative collages are also made and screen printing is their craft. But she is known and recognized again and again through the colorful comic-like girl figures who look at the viewer with their beautiful, large and brightly colored eyes. Sometimes asking, sometimes amused, sometimes provocative, sometimes bored.


Kerstin Lichtblau studied art sciences and sociology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, she took part in the artist gardens project at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, and at the Städelschule she completed the subject of free painting with Christa Näher and Peter Angermann and was then also the master’s student. In 2007 she founded the publisher “Lichtblau Verlag”, where she could once again distribute and market her art in an illustrative manner.


The book “Antibodies”, published in 2009, was purchased by the art book collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMa). Since 2008 she has been running the screen printing studio together with Billa Burger at the Basis Kunstverein in Elbestraße. Here she regularly offers workshops and at various city events you can also look over the shoulder while working in the workshop. If you are interested, all information about the events and how to contact us can be found on the website.


Kerstin Lichtblau paints with acrylic and oil, but also uses a variety of mixed techniques. In the studio room “Basis” she prints collages and screen prints, but has not limited her motifs to canvases. You can print almost anything. Their production range includes bags, T-shirts, books, calendars and all sorts of everyday objects that look completely different and more interesting with a little eye-girl graphics. In a small promotional video, she presents a catalog by leafing through it – a simple and clever idea. You can find more videos on her YouTube channel. By the way, the artist is also on Instagram and Twitter and regularly reports on her art there.


The artist visited us in the studio at Radio X and told us in an interview about her “Augenmädchen”, an upcoming symposium, the Bahnhofsviertelnacht and the art of screen printing. The podcast is in German but in the followin you can find the written conversation in English.




2016 ABC Westside Gallerie, München

2016  Be Poet Aktionsraum, Frankfurt

2015  KunstRaum Riedberg, Frankfurt

2014  Kunstverein Friedberg

2013  KunstRaum Riedberg

2012  ZeilGalerie, Souvenir Frankfurt

2011  basis Projektraum, Frankfurt

2010  Kunst Fabrik Heyne, Offenbach

2009  Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt

2008  Gallery Planet Vivid, Frankfurt

2006  Galerie Kühn, Bremen

2006  Galerie Kühn, Berlin

2005  machtwerke, Offenbach (Katalog)

2003  kult 21, München

2003  Villa Bavaria, München

2002 Galerie Axel Thieme, Darmstadt

Kerstin Lichtblau also participates in a large number of group exhibitions and art fairs every year, has received grants and scholarships, was honored wit prizes and awards and some of her works are hanging in German public institutions. More detailed information on this you can find on her curriculum vitae.






Lichtblau Verlag:





Art Space:  Basis e.V.





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