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Wetzlar is a city in the central German state of Hesse with a population of around 54.000 and is considered both a university town and an important cultural, industrial and commercial center in the region. There is of course a lot of great urban art and graffiti here as well. We just started this page with one first fantastic piece, but we know there is a lot more. If you also have photos of urban art from Wetzlar, feel free to contribute and send them to us at We will add them to this page here with links to you as photographers of course. And if you are really very interested, we could also build a whole new streetart map for Wetzlar. Just contact us.

Werther Mural Project  –  3STEPS

Goethe, Lotte and Werther are linked to the city of Wetzlar like the River Lahn or the cathedral. Recently, Goethe’s Werther was commemorated with a special exhibition at the Wetzlar Municipal Museum. Together with this art space the artist collective 3STEPS wanted to create a contemporary and appealing memorial to the historical figures Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Charlotte Buff from Wetzlar as well as the character Werther. In spring 2015, the Werther Mural was created on a dreary concrete wall in the heart of Wetzlar. The outer wall supports the Lottehof and its garden at the “Stadt- und Industriemuseum”, which means in English “The city and industry museum”. The project was initiated and organized by 3STEPS. The design is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Art and the Wetzlar City and Industry Museum, the City of Wetzlar, the Volksbank Mittelhessen and the artists from 3STEPS. The painting is 5.5 meters high and almost 18 meters long. It took one week to create. The project with a painting in NeoPop in the middle of a listed historic old town is unparalleled in Germany.  –  3Steps

Collective:  3STEPS


Project Page:



Photographer:  REBECCA RIEHM


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