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On February 11th 2022 we had Lena Kaeding and Sebastian Ladwein from Railway in an interview on Radio X. The association looks after the skate hall in Maintal, offers many interesting workshops and is currently looking for support for a new project. A new skate hall is to be built! Sponsors and participants wanted! You can find out more about the extensive work of the association and how you can contribute in the podcast. The audio is in German. Below you will find a detailed description of the planning of the new hall with the elements, as well as a concept video as an initial overview.

“Railway Maintal” is an association for the promotion of youth and culture based in Maintal-Dörnigheim. Our focus is on promoting roller sports. And this means all sports on wheels, whether BMX, skateboard, scooter, blader, roller skater – everyone is welcome here. In addition, we offer space for various cultural projects, such as concerts, exhibitions, workshops and much more. In addition, our youth café offers plenty of space to relax with games, table football, table tennis and much more. You have your own ideas what you would like to implement for your hobby or your place? Then feel free to contact us.

We are currently planning the professional expansion of our 500 square meter skate hall with a large skate park builder. We would also like to extend the regular opening hours and expand our cultural offerings. Do you have ideas or want to help? Then feel free to contact us. We appreciate any kind of support.  Railway Maintal

Concept of the new Skate Hall

What is actually planned in the new hall? Finally the time has come and we can show the first drafts of the current status of the plans for the conversion that we want to implement with IOU RAMPS.

The Plateau: At the back right (seen from the entrance) there is a large plateau with a large quarter as an entrance. Our BMXers, who were also involved in planning the hall, are particularly looking forward to the down rail and the stairs for grind combos! Here and in many other places in the hall, we are thinking about how we can always add variety despite some permanently installed elements. Pay attention to the details on the 3rd and 4th slide: The lighter wood above the stairs is intended to be a cover with which we can completely or partially cover the stairs.

Full size quarters: They will be at the other side of the hall, because from the plateau with down ledges, rails and stairs it goes over to the full-size quarters over the entire width of the wall to the ventilation. That’s almost 14m of coping with lots of opportunities for slides, grinds, switchups and airs. The height of 1.50m gives you good momentum and thanks to the sliding/removable (!) Extension Box with a width of 3m, we can even add something to it. At the end of the full-size quarter is a wall ride with a transition that invites you to high five with the spectators on the small platform above, or what do you think? A dream can come true here, and not just for the team of our bladers, who worked incredibly hard to develop the designs.

The floating mini ramp: It is to be created at the top of the gallery! The floating mini ramp looks fantastic and the extremely durable plexiglass pane ensures a good view from both sides. There isn’t much more to add to this now, so let’s just let the draft sink in. If you’d rather see them fully built, you can search IOU RAMPS for pictures. The good shooter already has such a part in his workshop or rather hanging. For the roller skaters who heard your call for a mini ramp and represented it strongly in the planning team, it is one of the absolute highlights among the many ideas that we have put together. It will not only differ from the other minis in the Rhine-Main area in terms of appearance, the dimensions should also close a gap between the micro (Schierstein or Skatehalle Wiesbaden) and maxi ramps (Heusenstamm or Langen) in our region.

Mega hip: A large hip/bank (over 9m) should be created opposite the full-size quarter from part 2. The top of the table can be flexibly converted: curb, rail or just freely – here you can change according to your wishes or add something new.

Mobile and flexible: The multi-purpose area in the middle is also not permanently installed. Here, too, we want to be able to exchange the obstacles, rearrange them or put them away completely in order to adapt the hall for events such as concerts, workshops, discos, hula hoop, yoga, etc. In this respect, this part of the design can be seen as a suggestion, albeit as a more specific one: Some of our currently used ramps, which guests like to use, should be rebuilt with slight modifications, but be more stable and durable.

China bank: Things are getting even more exciting at the café, because a classic spot will be created right in front of the window, which is difficult or impossible to find in our area: the China Bank installed will not only inspire the skaters, but also the spectators in the café. David, who kept the needs of the skateboarders in mind during the planning, is pleased that tried and tested elements and ideas such as the manual pad have been integrated into the new plan, but of course also about completely new obstacles such as the platform with stairs, rails and ledges .

For that planings we need you! If you want the drafts to become reality as soon as possible, then support us on startnext. There you can still get great thank yous for your donation. Even after that you can still support us financially, either directly in the hall or via PayPal. Companies and major sponsors are welcome to contact us by email at any time. We also accept donations via bank transfer and, from an amount iHv. 500€, donation receipts are welcome.

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