GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – Klapperfeld Northside

Check out as well the artworks on the Eastside and the Westside of the old Klapperfeld police prison.

Since its completion in 1886, the Klapperfeld building in the middle of downtown Frankfurt served in all phases of its use until its closure after more than 115 years of repression and suppression of people.

In two levels of the complex there is an extended permanent exhibition on the history of the building in the Klapperfeldstraße 5 – the core of the exhibition is the confrontation with the Nazi past of the prison. Information about the further permanent exhibition opened in 2015 »OUT OF HERE. Inscriptions of prisoners in detention and police custody in Klapperfeld 1955-2002 can be found here.

On the website “Faites votre jeu!” you can find information on the initiative with the same name, which has been using the building as a self-governing center for various events and projects since the end of April 2009. The “History Working Group” is part of the “Faites votre jeu!” Initiative and seeks to deal with the political history of the prison.


Website Klapperfeld:

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