NETHERLANDS: Streetart Utrecht – Library Murals, Train Artworks and the Subway Skatepark

Utrecht was really fun. Besides the openness and friendliness of the people living there, there is the vibrant urban culture, the art scene and a quite interesting infrastructure. Utrecht has a lot to offer! The city perfectly combines modernity and antiquity and impresses with some old and futuristic buildings. A symbiosis of construction, architecture and street art raises Utrecht to a high quality level. The city absolutely stands for diversity, openness and connection and has a place in my heart. There are also Brouwers at the Albert Heyn. Brouwers is a fantastic beer brand with cult potential in scene circles. And a way beer for the city tour should always be in it. Drinking in public may be expensive in the Netherlands though. If the cops catch you in public, they charge 50 Euros. That’s why it’s always good to have festivals in the city to get around the problem.


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  1. Hello 😉 Thanks heaps for the great article about Utrecht indeed!… Great website Just wanted to say thanks and keep doing what you’re doing Thx & Regards!

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