GERMANY: Streetart Hannover – Vahrenwald Bridge

Through the northern suburb Vahrenwald flows the “Mittellandkanal“. With a whole length of 325,3 km it is the longest canal in the world and the longest artificial waterway in Germany. You wouldn´t recognize it, it looks more like a middle sized river. But the fluid ship traffic is obvious and these river boats are just perfect motives for photographing. Or you just stay there and enjoy the view of their passing by. If there is a river and an infrastructure which has to go over it, eventually there have to be bridges as well. And if there are bridges, there are graffitis and sprayworks. As more hidden they are, as more uglier they get, but somewhere you have to start and practice, if there are just no legal places in town. As well on the surrounding industrial buildings and brick walls you can find nice brightener.