GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – Jugendhaus am Bügel – 10th Character Jam & Das Dreckige Dutzend 2021

This year ‘Das Dreckige Dutzend’ or ‘The Dirty Dozen’ were guests at the ‘Jugendhaus am Bügel’ (Youth Center) in Frankfurt. The fantastic Character Jam takes place there every year, which would have had its 10th anniversary in 2020. A good reason to celebrate, even a year later because of Corona. And so in 2021 both events took place in one great jam at the youth center, and the DD12 made the name of the Character Jam its motto for this year: ‘Focus on Characters’. In contrast to the writer-heavy DD12 events of recent years, this year all pillars of Hip Hop were covered and a jam in the style of the 90s has been offered.



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