POLAND: Photographer Agnieszka Pisarska – Piece of Streetart

Photographer and passionate streetart hunter Agnieszka Pisarska continuously delivers fantastic works of urban art on her Instagram channel Piece of Streetart, not only from her hometown of Wrocław, but from all over Poland. There are now more than 1500 photos in her archive, it’s worth taking a look! The eager art lover is constantly on the move and, according to her own words, does “always many things at once.” And when a lot is done, a lot of interesting things are created. Here on the Vagabundler platform, Angnieszka not only works on the Streetart Map Wrocław, but also contributes galleries to many Polish cities and countless photos for the maps of Gdańsk, Łódź and Warsaw. She has several other platforms and accounts about architecture and nature, does interesting collages and designs fabulous selfmade puppets.


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