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Many thanks for the great and colorful material on streetart from the city of Biberach on the river Riss. The pictures were contributed by local photographer Franz Frank.

DASCHU, ASCID & STONE  –  Jugendhaus 9TEEN

The youth center 9teen (the young people chose the name themselves) opened on April 7, 2017 after some ups and downs and a total of 11 years from the application of the youth parliament in 2006 to completion. In addition to the open meeting place, the youth center is a central contact point for youth work in the city of Biberach. The office of Jugend Aktiv is on the first floor. The entire ground floor and the roof terrace are available for open youth work. Here there are multifunctional rooms, a large kitchen and a café area for open meeting work.

Here children and young people have a contact point and a place to chill. Drinks, billiards, darts, table games and even a DJ box where you can make your own music are available. The offers are supervised by educational staff, who are the contact persons and companions for the kids. The contact person is Muhamet Zahaj. Current workshops, offers and events can always be found on their website, on Facebook or on Instagram.

“The construction of the youth center is an important step in the direction of meeting demand,” so named in the 2015/2016 update of the STEK urban development concept of the city of Biberach. This followed the finding of a representative youth survey from 2008, in which 76.1% of young people stated the need for a youth center. The family report from 2010 also made it clear that there is a need for a central contact point for children and young people in Biberach.

As early as 2006, after a motion by the youth parliament, a youth center initiative was founded with the significant participation of members of the youth parliament and the dance group Funky Kids, and in the years that followed kept the topic going again and again. This was followed by needs assessments (e.g. in the form of a club survey and a representative youth survey), the establishment of a working group “Youth rooms and open spaces” by the municipal council, the creation of a youth house bread to co-finance purchases, an architecture workshop for young people, exemplary planning participation via social media and much more.

On April 7, 2017, after only 13 months of construction, eleven years of political process and admirable commitment of young people finally opened the youth center “9teen”. The office of Jugend Aktiv also moved into the house. The house is now an ideal “home base” for child and youth work in the city of Biberach.

Before the positive decision was taken by the municipal council, the young people of Biberach made themselves known in a variety of ways, including organizing mobile youth centers in the city and creating a youth center bread to collect donations for the house.

Then finally, after the positive decision of the municipal council to build, they were even able to participate in the concrete planning via a participation process on Facebook. For the opening, an interesting brochure was published about the history of youth work in the city and the process of its creation.  –  Jugend Aktiv

Artist:  STONE




Artist:  ASCID



Youth Center:  JUGENDHAUS  9TEEN




Tik Tok:

Location:  Breslaustraße 19

DASCHU  –  Tribute to poet Christoph Martin Wieland

This artwork was made by the artist DANIEL SCHUSTER aka DASCHU together with eight young members from “Jugend Aktiv” as a tribute to the famous poet, translator and editor Christoph Martin Wieland who was born on September 5th, 1733 in Oberholzheim near Biberach an der Riß and died on January 20th, 1813 in the city of Weimar. He played an important role during the time of the “Aufklärung”, the Enlightment.

“Die Herren dieser Art blend’t oft zu viels Licht, sie seh’n den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht.” –  “Gentlemen of this kind are often blinded by too much light, they can’t see the forest for the trees.”  –  Christoph Martin Wieland ( 1733 – 1813 )






Location:  Eselsberg Underpass

JUGEND AKTIV  togehter with DASCHU







Artist:  CARE ONE


JUGEND AKTIV  –  Malaktion  –  Bridge Paint Session



Photographer:  FRANZ FRANK



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