ITALY: Digital Artist Luigi Savoia – Origami, Fractals, Cubes and Escher

Symmetry and geometric shapes, luminous fractals and colourful origami. These are the themes that digital artist and creative designer Luigi Savoia deals with in a just stunning way. To observe his works is simply impressive, especially because he himself is naturally completely fascinated by them and presents his creations with a beautiful concept. Luigi came to the Vagabundler Project via urban art and through the graffiti documentation. He is currently working on the Streetart Map of Turin. But after some communication it turned out that besides his great Instagram channel to streetart, he is also a very inspired person in many other areas and creates beautiful objects. There will be another article on Luigi about his streetart content, but here we are going to focus in an interview on his cubic structures and the luminous installations, in the spirit of the famous artist Escher.


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