GERMANY: Streetart Kirchheim – Monsters and Abstracts on the Neckar

The annual series of events “Art in May” in Kirchheim always marks the beginning of the new cultural year and now has cult status in the village. At this time, the Kunst und Kultur working group in Kirchheim – in short “KuKuK” – usually presents the exhibits of creative workers from the region on an extended weekend at the beginning or middle of May – usually with a lot of music. The working group “KuKuK” and the community continue to cultivate this tradition in the Corona year 2020 – albeit without bands and concerts, but with creative works of art under the open sky.

At the outdoor gallery along the Neckar Valley Cycle Route, there was an exhibition of pictures with 20 squares, each one measuring one metre, by the artists LISA NOLLENBERGER and MICHAEL ARNOLD. The works in each case are reproductions of originals, which were drawn on taut frames and thus also defy a possible downpour. The pictures hung at the foot of the terraced steep-slope vineyards in the second row, so to speak, and are thus clearly visible from the height. And so the loving monsters of the local artist Lisa Nollenberger are currently captivating pedestrians and cyclists passing by. The Brackenheim artist Michael Arnold complements the exhibition with his ten “Andock-Pictures” under the characteristic title “Art from a Distance – Between Neckar and Steillagen.” Here we have a mixed gallery of these fabulous artworks on canvas in open space along the Neckar river close to Kirchheim. Comic Monsters and Abstract Art.  –  Anton Michels

Starting from 9th May 2021 the artists LISA NOLLENBERGER and MICHAEL ARNOLD created a second edition of the monster’s gallery and involved as well children and young artists. The works of art were placed in the same place again and fascinated the passers-by in an amusing and creative way. The open air exhibition “Die Gefühlsmonster sind los” or in English “The feeling monsters are loose” took place as part of the cultural event project “WeinKultur Kirchheim”.

Kinderkünstler  –  Children Artists

As part of the artists’ exhibition, there was a participation box next to the paintings. Small or large artists could throw their own pictures of monsters in there and these were then also hung on the gallery wall. An exhibition in which everyone could take part.





Photographer & Author:  Anton Michels





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