ARGENTINA: Germán Aczel – World Cup Comics – Cartoonist and Draftsman

Germán Aczel loves football and is a passionate cartoonist. He has linked these two passions in his World Cup book. A detailed encyclopaedia of the individual football world championships, decorated with funny sketches and humorous cartoons. The multi-colored World Cup history brings together the most defining moments in football history from 1930-2014: Maradona’s hand of God, Zidane’s legendary headbutt, the German agony of Belo Horizonte, Suarez’s bite attack, the unforgettable moments of the 7-1 against Brazil or Gotze ‚S victory gate. Distinct caricatures of the most iconic players, the most spectacular goals and most moving World Cup scenes accompanied by thrilling background stories. Aczel has written colorful, rich in facts and entertaining, the ultimate comic-style World Cup primer as a world champion edition.


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