ITALY: Urban Artist Mrfijodor – Childish beauty of nature and ecological criticism

MRFIJODOR is the pseudonym of FIJODOR BENZO. He tried for years to have a tag like all writers, but in the end he was satisfied with his first name. As a child with a strong creative vein, he began by making monsters with LEGO bricks and drawing on the walls of his bedroom. In recent years, his production has been very varied, ranging from installations to thematic murals, but also performances and graffiti, which he has been dealing with since 1994. He creates works whose subjects are usually elementary forms that carry direct and ironically responsible messages; at the base a simple reading key, in order to always be able to dialogue with the user. Very often, his works are marked by a social or ecological criticism, using as a weapon a childishly amazed smile and a spontaneous and direct style, free from complex technical elements.