GERMANY: Streetart Weißwasser – Graffiti & Urban Art Collection – NEW 3RD EYE MOVEMENT

Weißwasser or Oberlausitz is a large district town in north-eastern Saxony. It lies in the midst of a lignite-rich heathland between the Lusatian Lake District and the German-Polish border. With its rise from a rural village to an industrial town, Weißwasser grew from a population of around 1000 in 1885 to over 38,000 in 1988 and then fell back to 16,000 in 2020. The place is now a small town again, but offers great urban artworks in its streets. Here we have a collection of fantastic graffiti and streetart from Weißwasser. The images were contributed by photographer and artist CORS ONE from the crew N3M aka NEW 3RD EYE MOVEMENT.