GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – Ostend – Eyssen 3 – The Heart Place – PEEDY SEELENRUHIG

Der Herz Platz  –  The Heart Place

In 2020, the well-known life artist, skater and heart person Peedy Seelenruhig changed the gray square at the Osthafen at the Weseler shipyard into a brightly colored place. He painted a cool and funny snake and a heart with the year written in the middle. This is how the heart square was created and Peedy had set himself on a mission to revitalize this square.

A year later, two more hearts followed and the series is not over yet. Peedy visited us on Radio X on September 24th 2021. Here is an excerpt from the interview with the part about the Heart Place. You can find the full interview below.

Vagabundler:  Sometimes you also spray graffiti?

Peedy Seelenruhig: Yes, but you can’t do that like that. There is this heart on the Main. But now there are two hearts. That is below the restaurant and bar Oosten. There is a small room for the stand up paddlers. And Dimitri, the owner of this little club, has a room there. And stupid stuff was sprayed on the front and since I already made the first heart in 2020 on the stairs, they asked me last year: “Peedy, couldn’t you paint something there again next year?”

Well, I don’t know, I’m actually not a sprayer at all. But this year I thought, why not? I could make a second heart. So with 2021. This is now the Heart Place, so an energy place. I always asked myself when I used to run there why there were never any people there. I’ve always wondered why nobody goes there. What’s happening with that place?

In 2019 I made up the plan for 2020 that the square should be colorful. And for real, the place has become colorful in 2020. You can see that on Instagram, but I’ve already deleted a lot of pictures. But on the account of my partner, Komplizierte_Sie on Instagram, you can still see a few pictures of this colorful world from 2020.

You can listen to Peedy’s complete studio visit at the show x-wie-raus on Radio X in the podcast here. It’s in German:


And sometimes Peedy even plays drums with a Panda

Photos from June 2022

Photos from July 2020





Bombings on the stairs


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