GERMANY: Streetart Völklingen – Bergwerk Luisenthal – Mining Graffiti – LARS GEORGE & SVEN TRITTSCHACK

Thanks a lot for the contribution of the awesome material by photographer and streetart hunter David Gäbler. On his channel you can find regularly interesting and creative content from the German state Saarland and its capital Saarbrücken. David is as well part of the collective “Bunkerfreunde“. They document, photograph and restore information about forgotten and abandoned bunkers and military installations. There you can find very cool photos from lost places. Sometimes taken over by nature, sometimes covered with graffiti, and sometimes just nearly forgotten and visited by nobody anymore. Check out the channels, those photos are astonishing! Here we have a collection of urban artworks from artist LARS GEORGE and co-artist SVEN TRITTSCHACK at the Luisenthal Pit in Völklingen taken by David.

The Luisenthal Pit was a hard coal mine in the Luisenthal district of Völklingen, which began operations in 1820 and ceased coal production on June 17th of  2005. The pit became known through the worst mining accident in the history of Germany, in which 299 miners died on February 7th in 1962.

To the west of the actual mine is a 50 meter high tailings dump, which was in operation until coal mining ended on June 17th in 2005. It is no longer accessible to the public and has been a nature reserve since it was recultivated. In the future they are planning to install wind turbines and a solar system on the heap to generate energy and make sensible use of the space in closed mines and heaps.

The work of art made by artist LARS GEORGE from Geislautern with the help of SVEN TRITTSCHACK shows scenes from the mining world of that time. Symbolic elements from the day of the miners are illustrated and the equipment or vehicles from the past are shown. In individual sequences of images, the artist arranges excerpts from these activities, which have been finished at this location. You can see miners at work underground, a historic locomotive, a coal horse and the shipping of coal on the Saar.

After more than 200 hours of work to realize this wonderful creation, the wide large-scale mural was inaugurated on October 2nd of 2021 and  is located on the retaining wall at the parking lot of the former Luisenthal mine. This project was preceded by a long fight by the Altenkessel citizens’ initiative for approval and financing of the work of art, which is intended to beautify the entrance to the town via Altenkesseler Street.




History:  Accident at the Luisenthal mine

Website:   (English version available)




Lost Place & History Project: BUNKERFREUNDE




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