GERMANY: Firedancer Cassiopeia

[Artikel auf Deutsch @ Feinripp Magazine:]

On our tour through Southamerica the firedancer Cassiopeia aka Jasmin Schuhmann travelled with us for several weeks. The artist is originally from Germany and lived for a while in Frankfurt, meanwhile she moved to Buenos Aires and works there at a school. But her big passion is the firedance, in Germany she worked already as a firedance freelancer artist and had gigs on a lot of different events.

Cassiopeia writes on her Website: Fire is the most mystic of all elements seeming almost supernatural compared to earth, air or water. Combined with dancing it gives the power of creative animation and enables to express feelings and emotions which are evoked by music. With burning poi-chains, rings and other instruments Cassiopeia creats a wild dance. In Europe she was already on tour in different countrys and performed on several festivals and open air events. At the moment she is acting in the Argentinian scene, but maybe she will come back to Germany soon for a Gig.

In an interview which we took in the Atacama Desert in Chile she told us about the firedance and her art. (The interview is in German by the way…). On her website you can find as well the real good promovideo which is embedded below, as well you can book the artist for events or get in contanct with Cassiopeia.



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