GERMANY: Impressive Mix of Art, Nature and Architecture – Insel Hombroich – The Hombroich Island

Here we present you some photos and information about the “Insel Hombroich”, means the “Hombroich Island”. A fantastic place filled with art, mostly made by creative genius ANATOL HERZFELD. The artist was a student of the famous action artist, sculptor, historian, draftsman and professor JOSEPH BEUYS at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. The photos were taken by art lover and photographer Aylin Paksoy-Wysocki.

The great artist ANATOL HERZFELD, actually named Karl-Heinz Herzfeld, was a sculptor who worked in the German city Neuss. He mainly worked with wood, iron and stone and his favorite place of work was the Insel Hombroich Foundation.

From the organizer’s website: Hombroich is not just building a museum, but an attempt to find a new way of life, with all the thoughts and things that up to now could almost be seen as disreputable in society. Karl-Heinrich Müller (1936–2007), museum and foundation founder of Hombroich created this museum as a place for artists, as a landscape and a place for architecture as well as for events in art, literature, philosophy and music.

Created as a constant “open attempt” and emerged from the personal commitment of private collectors and artists with permanent ties to Hombroich, the Insel Hombroich Foundation, founded in 1997, developed a cultural area with the Museum Insel Hombroich, the Hombroich Rocket Station and the Kirkeby Field. Connected but independent partners are the Langen Foundation, the Sculpture Hall of the Thomas Schütte Foundation and the Feld-Haus – Museum for Popular Prints. The Insel Hombroich Foundation and partner institutions contribute in their own way to the development of the Hombroich cultural area by setting up exhibitions, symposia and concerts.

In the Hombroich missile station are a lot of halls, hangars, bunker systems and partly underground facilities. Those are retrospective views that we must not lose sight of as part of our history of an old Federal Republic. “Thomas Kling”, the former NATO missile station has been used since 1994 as a complement to Museum Insel Hombroich as a place for the development of art and architecture and as a living and working space for artists from the fields of art, literature and music. The artists and architects Raimund Abraham, Tadao Ando, ​​Dietmar Hofmann, Erwin Heerich, Oliver Kruse, Katsuhito Nishikawa, Claudio Silvestrin and Álvaro Siza took part in its redesign and redevelopment.

The area of the Kirkeby Field, which is part of the area and which was named after the Danish painter, sculptor and architect Per Kirkeby, enables art installations and the realization of other artistic formats in five buildings by the artist, including the Kahmen Collection and the Feld-Haus – Museum for Popular Printmaking operated by the Clemens Sels-Museum Neuss.  –  Insel Hombroich


Historic Art Site:  INSEL HOMBROICH




Photographer:  Aylin Paksoy-Wysocki


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