CANADA: Streetart Montréal – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve – 2059 Rue Florian – LAURENT GASCON

Vittorio Lodovico Fiorucci  –  Victor

Vittorio Lodovico Fiorucci is first and foremost a Quebec poster artist of Italian origin. Very talented and versatile, he deals with graphic design, comics, sculpture, writing and caricature. He worked mainly in Quebec from the 1950s until the end of his career. It stands out for its concepts with simple lines and bright colors. He is generally recognized as the greatest poster artist in the history of the arts in Quebec. His famous mascot Victor, made for the Just for Laughs Festival, is his work that has had the most impact on people’s minds. Vittorio Fiourucci is now exhibited in several contemporary art museums.  –  Patrice Loranger

Vittorio Fiorucci ’91

You can find other works of this great mosaic art from LAURENT GASCON about actor, singer and director Paul Buissonneau at 1223 Rue Ontario, another great one about the famous humorist Yvon Deschamps at 1498 Rue Ontario or at 1965 Rue Ontario is an artwork about singer-songwriter, poet and novelist Raymond Lévesque. At 2035 Rue Ontario you can admire an artwork about the iconic singer Diane Dufresne or a portrait made of the singer-songwriter Marjolène Morin at 2226 Rue Ontario. At 2550 Rue Ontario is a wonderful artwork of the actress Janine Sutto and another artwork about the singer-songwriter and actress Pauline Julien is located at 2743 Rue Ontario. At 2891 Rue Ontario he created one about the singer and actress Renée Claude, at 2915 Rue Ontario is another beautiful one about the famous band Plume Latraverse, at 3841 Rue Ontario is an artwork about the singer Gilles Vignelaut, at 4200 Rue Ontario you can find a mosaic mural  about the singer-songwriter La Bolduc, at 2373 Rue Dufresne is an mosaic piece about the actor and theater man Robert Gravel, at 1976 Rue Dorion is a wonderful one for Jerry Boulet and at 2059 Rue Florian he created a mosaic artwork about the famous mascot Victor from artist Vittorio Lodovico Fiorucci. As well you can check out the main page to the Mosaic Series.

Mommy, It’s over! – Just for laughs  –  The famous Victor





Curator:  La SPAG (Société pour la promotion des arts gigantesques)






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