GERMANY: Urban Art Mosbach – Street Sculptures of Every Day People – Alltagsmenschen

Since 1996 the artist CHRISTEL LECHNER has been producing creative and often beautifully simple sculptures of everyday situations and people in life size. The figures are made in an elaborate process and meanwhile since 2004 she creates her works of art together with her daughter LAURA LECHNER, and her son-in-law JAN ILLERHUES is also part of the team of artists.

From March 17 to June 14, 2021, 40 sculptures at 13 locations in Mosbach’s old town invited to a three-month open air exhibition. You could go on a voyage of discovery and see the concrete people up close. The figures not only encouraged people to pause, but also often made the visitors smile. After the success of the last two exhibitions in 2014 and 2017, we now meet people made of concrete again everywhere in the pedestrian zone.

The good-mood people then enriched Mosbach’s city life for the third time in 2021. Such an everyday person weighs between 100 and 150 kilograms, which can also be seen in the lush body. There are snapshots that touch and that astonish, because they show the lived life in its purest form, unadorned and yet far from banality. The sculptures or depicted scenarios have titles such as “Women in Red”, “Ruched Skirts”, “Helga in the Sun” and “Conversation among Men” or “Waiting Room”.

CHRISTEL LECHNER’s artistic career began in 1978 at the ceramics school in Landshut and the Werkkunstschule in Münster. In 1982 she obtained the master’s degree as a ceramicist. Since 1996 the artist has been working almost exclusively on life-size concrete sculptures, the Everyday People or “Alltagsmenschen” in German.

Her daughter LAURA LECHNER completed her apprenticeship as a building ceramist in 2001. She studied art at the University of Fine Arts in Saarbrücken and at the Düsseldorf Art Academy with professor and artist Peter Doig. In 2010 she received her academy certificate there and was named a master class student. Since 2004 she has been supporting CHRISTEL LECHNER in her work on the Everyday People project. LAURA LECHNER also has been running their atelier on the Lechnerhof since 2017.


Here we have an interesting short movie from the German art equipment supplier boesner about the every day people sculpture project “Alltagsmenschen”:






Photographer:  BAUQUELDIE


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