MALTA: Exiles Beach – Promenade Graff Ground

In the main article we have already reported in detail about the Streetart Festival Malta. The website of the last event in 2015 has been preserved as a reminder and is certainly worth a look. It all started in 2013 as the Sliema Streetart Festival in the district of the same name. The Maltese crew of ADD MORE COLORS have combined all kinds of underground styles, from graffiti to tattoo, to handmade market or integrated comic convention, and in addition, artists from all over the world came to visit Malta. And not just painters.

On stage international bands performed great music of all genres. A somewhat hidden promenade wall in Sliema still testifies to this small conquest of space, since the painting area has remained and new works have been brushed and sprayed over the old ones again and again. Nice, a new spot! And that’s how it is, the artworks are mostly concentrated on single hot spots.


The team of ADD MORE COLORS organised the first Streetart Festival in 2013. A 3 km long promenade wall in Sliema was transformed into an urban museum of the master class. International artists such as SOFLES, DAVID WALKER, SHAKA, MR DHEO, STEVE LOCATELLI, SMATES, PARIZ ONE, KAYO NATEZ, HESK ONE and BROHEMIA took part. There are of course heaps of layers from other fabulous new artworks painted over and over again on that wall. The photos you see in this post here are from August 2020.

However, it’s just that in other Mediterranean cities, compared to Malta, there is always something mixed up on the walls just everywhere. Barcelona is covered with urban art, in Montpellier the graffiti teams are battling throughout the city  and Thessaloniki is just over and over painted. Although Malta is an island in the Mediterranean south of Italy, it looks a little different here.

Perhaps precisely because it is an island state with just 500,000 inhabitants, a little cut off and in its own development. Along the coast you can drive around the main island in four to five hours. So the area is not large and has been kept in conservative structures for many years. Nevertheless, the alternative community as far as street art is concerned has just managed to conquer a few free spaces. Respect to ADD MORE COLORS and all the artists mentioned so far! The existing spots and what has been painted meanwhile is definitely awesome!






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