MALTA: Duck Village – Ornate Bird Refuge

Manoel Island in the bay of Gżira is not the highlight of the city, but worth a visit for a short walk. There is a small fort, a bathing spot popular with locals and otherwise closed ruins or construction sites. The excursion was really nothing special and in absolutely hot heat we also missed the bathing spot. For a short inbetween visit you can pass by the spot, but you should not necessarily do this at noon time because there´s no shade at all. But you will get a nice view of Valletta and Sliema over the water. In addition shortly after the bridge to the island, there is the lovingly and creatively assembled Duck’s Village, which now houses not only ducks, but many other bird species and even hares and guinea pigs. Just like the motto: All Animals in Harmony.

The local volunteer Joe Borg takes care of the small enchanting refuge which was errected in 1997 and he has also indicated his telephone number on signs. Donations are gladly accepted, so there are also small boxes on the fences in which you can throw money and thus support the project. Many locals like the place and do not only provide financial support, but also donate food and animal feed.

Apart from the many different animals that live here together and without problems in this cute little village, the self-built dwellings and open stables are already a work of art in themselves. Here they put on colorful painting, integrated curious accessories and designed creative constructions. From wood and stone, but also old dog huts, boat parts or even mannequins a mixture of upcycling and rustic space was created here.

From an architectural point of view and according to the art of carpentery, the cluster of huts from the most diverse objects smashed somehow together is certainly a disaster, but it is precisely through this variation of oblique things and numerous different animals living peacefully in it that this place acquires a very special charm. If you walk along the promenade of Sliema anyway, then a short detour over the bridge to Duck Island is definitely worthwhile. At Tripadvisor, the spot is even listed as the second most popular attraction in the Gzira district.



Phone:  Joe Borg – 99454203


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