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The worldmap with all the routes and locations where we found streetart, graffiti or did nice interviews.

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Travel Reportages

URUGUAY: Streetart, Surfspot and a fancy Lighthouse – La Paloma

On the first glance you could assume that the place is somewhere around the Baltic or at the Wadden Sea. The architecture doesn´t really look very South American. As well there is this huge but small white lighthouse, which reminds more on Denmark or the German Otto comedy movies. But the palms, the warm climate …

JAPAN: DougoyART Paintaction – Artists Baki Baki & Mon

We already stood several days in Matsuyama, we visited and explored all the fantastic sights and the interesting city. Actually we wanted to leave to Ōzu in the south the next day. But our friend Mathew Iannarone from the Sen Guesthouse recommended us definitely to stay another night because he has some secret special insider …

Streetart & Graffiti

Maps and Location-Tracker for Streetart & Graffiti from all around the world.