GERMANY: Streetart Berlin – Kreuzberg – Skalitzer 134 – GREGOR DASHUBER & STEFAN ENDEWARDT

36 Monsters

As a reflection of the playground, the 36 monsters conquer the wall. This mural was created in August 2011 on the initiative of the Kremer property management. In a series of workshops in the KOTTI SHOP, the children from the playground designed their monsters and fantasy figures. The strong identification of the 36 Boys & Girls with their neighborhood served as the starting point for the idea. Within two weeks, the Monterdiorama was implemented together with numerous children, neighbors and many helpers on the approximately 36-meter-long wall. Thanks to all the contributors!  –  From the information board on the wall

Painting artist during the workshops was GREGOR DASHUBER from the film maker collective TALKING ANIMALS. The concept of the artwork and the organisation of the workshop was done by STEFAN ENDEWARDT from KOTTI SHOP.

STEFAN ENDEWARDT born in Hannover 1976, lives and works in Berlin. His work addresses the areas of tension between art, architecture and cultural education. Based on ‚forms of materialised thinking‘ Endewardt examines the complexity of urban spaces, social fabrics and the interplay between structure and action. His practice also encompasses collaborative installations and participatory strategies. He is a founding member of the Informal University in Foundation (IUIF) and the artist groups TRANSFORM and SuperFuture. Since 2008 and he has run the art and project space Kotti-Shop in Kreuzberg, Berlin.  –  STEFAN ENDEWARDT

The KOTTI SHOP is an experimental, non-profit art and project space that was founded in December 2008. It is located directly at the Kottbusser Tor, on the ground floor of the New Kreuzberg Center. Exhibitions, performances, film screenings and concerts take place regularly in the Kotti shop. The special thing about the Kotti-Shop, besides the complexity of the activities, is its role in the Kiez and its strong connection to the neighborhood. It is a playful experimental space, a reference and activity space, especially for many of the children in the New Kreuzberg Center. In writing, drawing, collage and printing workshops, topics related to and about the Kotti are dealt with: feasible utopias and future visions for the Kottbusser Tor and its residents. The Kotti Shop is not only a project space within its fixed architecture, but also the starting point for larger-scale artistic collaborative projects at home and abroad, such as project weeks in Berlin schools, drawing festivals, workshops and participatory art projects in other art and project spaces.  –  KOTTI SHOP

TALKING ANIMALS: We are a collective of award-winning animation filmmakers, united as TALKING ANIMALS since 2009. We produce short films, music videos, animated documentaries, animation for advertisement, explanatory movies. Our styles range from artistic 3D, over cutout and 2D drawn animation to analogue stop motion under the camera.  –  TALKING ANIMALS


Painting Artists:  GREGOR DASHUBER  plus 36 boys and girls from the neighbourhood and  many others


Talking Animals:

Artwork Conception:  STEFAN ENDEWARDT



Kotti Shop:

Art Shop:  ARTISTS 36


Photographer: HOLGER PETER

Hashtags: #PeterEatAndArt #BerlinStreetArtPeter


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