CHILE: Streetart Angol – Los Boldos 10

“Yo jamas te abandonaría” = “I would never abandon you”

This graffiti is located on the corner of “Los Boldos” and “Maipú” streets. The graffiti authored by MSK has the characteristics of a typical naive graffiti, that is, when the authors are young and at the same time it’s their first and only expressions of street art, as probably is the case of this crew or group.

The dog, the gorilla and the other characters look childish. I associate naive graffiti with simple and unsophisticated art, especially when young people do not have an education in the fine arts. In the end, graffiti is seen as less sophisticated and more similar to the style of children’s drawings. However, we cannot fail to mention that creation is finally more spontaneous and intuitive, being a crude and spontaneous act of the moment.

Salvador J. Seda  –  Angol  –   November 2020


  Artists:  MSK

Photographer: Salvador Seda

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