GREECE: Toumba Stadion – PAOK – Thessaloniki

If you go to Thessaloniki, of course you have to visit the famous playground of the great Thessaloniki PAOK team. The so called Toumba Stadium is covered all around with streetart and graffiti. Like the stadiums around the world usually are. A lot is of course fan artwork and football related, still quite good ones, and you can find as well some memorandums to players or important persons to the team. Here we go with the allaround documentation of the streetart and some pics from a football match.

We visited a game against Heraklion from Crete. It was a bit quiet, but Thessaloniki was on the run and on the top of the league level to maybe go for an up rank.

PAOK won 4:1 against Heraklion that day. Smooth and nicely, as well easy. Heraklion wasn´t really a challenge, still the fans and ultras made some good noise. But not like against other teams or especially Athens when there is a lot more tension, energy and the whole stadium is usually burning…


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