URUGUAY: Streetart Montevideo – Cordón

Cordón is a suburb of the capital city Montevideo. You can find more information about the city in the main article: Montevideo City Reportage or more graffiti footage in the articles Streetart Palermo, or Streetart Barrio Sur.

We’ve put together a collection of street art and graffiti from Montevideo. More cultural information about the city you can find in the main article: Montevideo City Reportage.  Overnight stays should be called Hostel Ukelele in Barrio Sur and El Viajero in the Centro. Since you get cheap and good rooms. The houses are just cool, in the old style, but well preserved. The city is a wonderful place for all Street Art lovers, the walls are full of it. There is hardly a street where no painting can be found. We have a small compilation for you here, you can find more in our photogallery.

The short video by the painters and artists DROP, SAG and the NST CREW offers as well a good mix of image, music and style:


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