ITALY: Streetart Turin – Via Valprato 68 – Docks74 – The Chamber @ Graphic Days Vol.6 – IL CERCHIO E LE GOCCE

The Chamber  @  Graphic Days Vol.6.

During the visual design festival “Graphic Days”, which took place in Turin from September 16th till 26th in 2021, local artists, studios, galleries and creative spaces opened their premises with interesting exhibitions as part of the festival section “In the city”. A calendar of free events spread throughout Turin. One station was “THE CHAMBER” by the collective IL CERCHIO E LE GOCCE which is located at the Galleria Docks74 on Presso Docks Dora at Via Valprato 68. Photographer and streetart hunter Luigi Savoia visited the interessting exhibition, which was a real sensual pleasure after all this time. Check out the story of the event and Luigi’s great photos.

GRAPHIC DAYS about the exhibition: Urban artists ABEL.BAEL and MACH505, members of the association IL CERCHIO E LE GOCCE, collaborated to create an installation that aims to investigate how people’s approach to touch and interpersonal closeness has changed after 18 months of pandemics that have revolutionized the way we experience closed spaces as much as open ones.

If the external walls of a building separate us from the outside world, noises, bad weather and strangers, the internal walls cut the environment into even smaller spaces, also separating us from the people who live with us and further isolating us.

The two artists wanted to create an additional interior space, made of passable walls to create an intimate place for strangers. The new space, enriched and decorated by the iconographies and symbols that unite the thematic researches of the two artists, is transformed into a dimensional portal in its own right that the public can decide to enjoy for as long as they want.

Inside the magic room the rules imposed by the pandemic state of emergency fall and two or more people will be able to greet each other, shake hands or hug each other, leaving outside the room that unpleasant feeling of anxiety and embarrassment that in this year and a half has substantially changed our habits, our relationship with others and with ourselves and social proxemics.  –  GRAPHIC DAYS

Exhibition Description: The walls of a building shelter us from the outside world, from noise, from bad weather and from strangers. The internal walls cut the everyday environments into rooms, into even smaller spaces, separating us from the people who at that moment live that environment with us, and further isolate us from the rest of the world.

“The Chamber” is a room within a room, its walls do not touch the other walls of the room that contains it and it shares only the floor with it. As in a magical room the rules imposed by the pandemic state of emergency fall and in its perimeter narrowness subjectively increase or decrease the anxiety and embarrassment that in this year and a half have substantially changed our habits, social proxemics and way to greet each other.

“The Chamber” is an intimate space, like the one in which each of us spent the interminable hours of the first lockdown, in which today we can choose whether to stop and meditate on the new approach to everyday life or to escape as if from an elevator full of strangers.

The Voices. A river of voices that overlap relentlessly. At home, at the bar, at school, at work, on vacation, on TV, in the newspapers, on the internet, on social networks; everywhere in the last 18 months there has been no talk other than Coronavirus, Covid, vaccines, economic support. In an interminable chaos the discourses overlap, mix, contradict, confuse us.

The Music. In some respects, music can be defined as hallucinogenic and visionary. It lives in sibiosis with our psyche, it settles in the memory, arousing different reactions according to the sensitivity and culture of the individual.

The Lion. In this situation, states around the world have had to exercise the force of law to contain the spread of the virus. Faced with a global event never faced before, there are those who intervened immediately, others with delay; who with excellent results and who giving bad examples. In all the ancient representations of much of the world, the lion is a symbol of strength.

The Manticore. The Manticore has the body of a lion, a monstrous human face, three rows of teeth and the tail of a scorpion that injects poison, and represents tyranny.

The Griffin. The Griffin has the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, the golden mantle and with its glorious appearance has always represented the concept of protection.

The Temple. The temple is an anthropologically relevant entity_ the place separated by the depth of an action or a reverence that cannot be confused in the alternation of daily cares. In other words, the temple is the keeper of value.

The Fountain. Symbol of life, of passing time, waters that arrive both from the depths and from the sky, purify and fertilize the earth and a humanity that has now reached a point of almost no return.

The Portal. The door represents a “border” and, consequently, the act of crossing the threshold symbolizes entering a space other than the one from which one comes, perhaps unknown, mysterious or even sacred, depending on the place and time in where the port in question is located.

Some photos about the architecture at this place


Cultural Association:  Il CERCHIO E LE GOCCE




Artist:  ABEL.BAEL




Big Cartel:






Big Cartel:

Event:  GRAPHIC DAYS 2021  –  Vol.6






Photographer: LUIGI SAVOIA



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