ITALY: Streetart Turin – Mole Antonelliana – Photocall – Actors and actresses of Italian Cinema

The National Museum of Cinema, in collaboration with the University of Turin, pays tribute to cinema of the past and present. The photographic exhibition, which is taking place from 20th July 2021 till 7th March 2022, retraces over a century of Italian cinema through the bodies and the faces of the actresses and actors who have made it famous throughout the world. A journey down memory lane, back in time: the flashback begins with today’s stars of the silver and small screen and ends with the icons of silent cinema.

Actors and photographers are the undisputed protagonists of the exhibition, in a continuous game of cross-references. Between studio portraits and stolen shots, still photos and press reports, the camera lens traces the evolution of a new role in the film industry. Over the course of time, the film photographer acquires an increasingly defined professionalism. At stake is not only the relationship between cinema and photography, but also between actor and photographer and, above all, between photography and spectator.

Images, cameras, magazines and brochures preserved by the Museum or other archives are on display, together with the images by contemporary photographers such as Stefano Guindani, Riccardo Ghilardi, Sabina Filice, Philippe Antonello, Stefano Montesi, the Giant Poloraid project by Claudio Canova and the works of Marco Innocenti. Over 250 photographic reproductions, 71 original prints and more than 150 shots in the video galleries. The exhibtion continues outside, around the gate of Mole Antonelliana and in the courtyard of the University of Turin. For in-depth contents, browse or download the digital exhibition guide on your smartphone, scanning the Nfc/Qr codes placed along the exhibition itinerary or clicking here. –  National Museum of Cinema

Brivido Pop  –  Pop Thrill

Cult scenes. Breathtaking close ups. As well a wishing to provoke a spark of good humour, the “pop thrill” collages aspire to stimulate the viewers’ imagination, transforming them into directors who can choose the cast for their films.

La Fornarina by Rafaello will shoot a scene for Ellini, despite competition with Sandra Milo, while the painter takes a selfie with Stefania Sandrelli for the poster of a new comedy, Bud Spencer betrays Terence Hill and acts as a sidekick to Guiseppe Verdi and Van Gogh’s bearded postman, Caravaggio’s boy teaches divas the secrets of seduction.

Simply surrender and let your imagination run wild. Marco Innocenti’s collages are a mix of art and cinema in which you can immerse and mirror yourself. The beauty of letting oneself be drawn in, being pulled here and there, wandering around in the past and imagining your very own story in which you are the protagonist.  –  National Museum of Cinema

Architecture at Mole Antonelliana


Exhibition:  Photocall – Actors and actresses of Italian Cinema

 Location:  Around the gate of Mole Antonelliana

  Duration:  20th July 2021  –  7th March 2022

Curator:  National Museum of Cinema








Curator:  University of Turin









Photographer: LUIGI SAVOIA



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