GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – Comenius 37 – Günthersburgpark – Water Games Playground

Sparkling Fun

This water playground is located in the Günthersburgpark in the Frankfurt neighbourhood Bornheim. In the warm summer months, many people cavort here every day, there is games and splashing around in the water. It is a true little inner city paradise and a great adventurous experience, especially for the children but also for adult children.

The whole complex is built like a pool or fountain surrounded by various creatively stone statues in positions that resemble an alternative swimming pool. From these statues or from additional accessories, such as a stone camera or a stone bag, water fountains bubble up when in operation. It is a beautiful and special playground. The translated texts on the information boards from the City of Frankfurt follow in the next passage.

City of Frankfurt: The Frankfurt water play facilities in the Stadtwald, on the Lohrberg, in the Volkspark Nidda and in the Günthersburgpark have for many years been offering free play and paddling opportunities for children and families on warm days. The water play facilities are usually in operation between 11 am till 6 pm from mid-May to mid-September, when it is at least 25 degrees Celsius. In the event of poor weather prospects such as rain, storm or thunderstorm warnings, the systems are not started for safety reasons or are switched off in good time. For technical reasons, the systems will not start up again until the next day.

Because the water play facilities are a great pleasure, especially for the city’s children, the Green Spaces Office tries every year to bring all the facilities up to scratch at the start of the season. To do this, they are maintained and repaired in winter. At peak times in summer, however, the limits of resilience are sometimes shown and disruptions occur. Unfortunately, individual systems then have to be shut down for a short or longer period of time until basic contamination has been carried out and technical spare parts can be delivered and installed.

These measures are necessary to ensure the required water quality, which is constantly monitored according to the specifications of the health department. If the limit values ​​are exceeded, the systems are switched off automatically or by the staff of the Green Spaces Office.

Everyone can help to ensure that the water play system works properly:

(1) Please throw rubbish into the garbage can – nobody wants to splash around or picnic between empty packaging and leftover food.

(2) Please only eat and drink in the meadow or on the benches – not in the water.

(3) Bicycles, scooters and the like do not belong in the water. The abrasion of the tires and the dirt in the tread contaminate the system.

(4) Sun milk is necessary, but it causes problems for the water. Let it soak in first, then splash around.

(5) Please only wear swimwear in the water, even as an adult. The fibers of street clothing clog the system’s filters.


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