CYPRUS: Experimental Music in different styles – Fantastic Creative Mastermind – THE PROFESSOR

Today let’s dive into the musical world and we present you a terrific creator of sounds. This artist is a true professional in his acoustic style and therefore he is named THE PROFESSOR. We met the versatile DJ at an event in Cyprus and were able to witness an awesome and motivating party he created with his music show.

THE PROFESSOR has recently also released his first EP called “Disartster” in self-creation, here in the article are individual videos and in the Infothek you will also find the links to the audio channels. If you ever come to Cyprus, then you should definitely not miss the “Electric Circus” or the “Lost + Found” parties, where he is co-organizer or resident DJ. We talked to the THE PROFESSOR in an extensive interview about his music and his creative world. Between the text passages you will find photos of the cool actions and music tracks from his new album.

Hello Professor, I am very pleased that we are doing an interview about your music and your creative projects. We met in Nicosia when you were DJing some time ago. At first it was a cozy evening in a relaxed atmosphere. But then you hung up and really brought the mood into the store. Suddenly it was a great party and just everybody was dancing. You are there time by time, tell us a few sentences about the place.

Hello Gunther and thank you for the opportunity for this interview. I hold many residencies around Cyprus as a DJ and one of them is “Palaia Pineza”. Well, it’s an alternative cocktail bar next to the buffer zone or the green line that divides Cyprus. As you saw, there was a fence at the wall at the outside area of the bar. The first time I played there I couldnt believe it. But yes, it is still the situation. Pineza is well known as a place for the good parties and for having all kinds of people as clients.

The music you make is electronic, but also punk and also afro house and a lot more, you experiment with everything and you do that very well. Your name says it all, you are “The Professor”. Tell us more about your music, what you do and what you like about it.

You heard me in a DJ set playing electronic, although I do almost any kind of music. I like to blend many stuff thats why I am in multiple projects such as an electronic duo, a hard rock band, and my solo project but my main occupation is djing. Its easier to tell you what I don’t like rather to what I do like. I can’t imagine myself doing another occupation and there wasn’t another job I have ever done to be honest. So we can say, it has become a way of living.

Now we also want to know more about how you make your music and what you use for creating it. So at first, when you are djing, you take different tracks from artists and mix them together. But you put them together according to your taste. People appreciate you for that a lot. Tell us more about how you do this.

Djing is a thing that I count 19 years as a profession, (and i have a lot more) and 2 years before that as an apprentice. The sets are more like a self reflection, regardless of what I’m playing. Sometimes I find it very weird that people feel connected with me, but I really appreciate the connection with the crowd. Technical-wise I like to get the peoples attention to the set, so in terms of mixing, sometimes I am a complete lunatic. Favorite mixing tricks are pitch bending, a bit of scratching and a lot of double tempo mixes.

You play records from other great artists, but you also create music yourself. Now about your fantastic own stuff. Because your first EP entitled “Disartster” was recently released! Tell us more about it. What is it about and how did you create this project?

This project started almost 4 years ago in the covid years where I had A LOT OF FREE TIME, and it became a habit after that. I’ve always had the urge to make something of my own. Thats why in this three-track EP we can listen from a theatrical intro song trying to representate an illegal fund knocking the door to take someone’s house, to the second which is a ballad about how an artist sees himself during lack of inspiration, to a dnb/bigbeat intense song for police brutality. The goal is to create whatever I need to create, with no boundaries and try to give a message to whoever wants to listen. I m very proud that I finally made the start!

You are now “The Professor”, but at some point you also started with all of this. Let’s go back in time when you have been “The Student”. Tell us more about how you started. How did you get into music in the first place? How did it begin and how did it develop that you specialized in your current style of music?

Luckily I realized it from the early age of 7, when I first heard a metal album. I’m not really a metal fan, but that’s the truth. The first time I realized that I wanted to be a part of it was when I heard the voice from young Kai Hansen and the guitar from Helloween! So I started tape trading back in the 90s with guys that had twice my age. I didn’t had any specific genre, but I was a little more into rock at that time. So I was copying my cassetes and I was litteraly listening to everything the were giving to me. Sometimes I really miss those years. But I can say, whatever I’m into, I always put a little punk in it. After that I became a dj apprentice to the local club since my dad was working there as a bartender, and 2 years later a DJ.

Tell us a little more about your equipment. A lot of nerds read these posts, and yes, I’m a super nerd too, feel free to go into detail. What instruments do you use and why? With what kind of equipment did you had good experience with and also tell us the bad experiences with it. 

The only bad experience I remember is the Korg Micro Key that has some connectivity issues, but as long as you get it, then it’s ok. And some random ”professional” CD players back then when every company tried to make dj equipment. Everything was on the plate. Right now I dj with CDs when a bar can provide them and if not, then I have 3 controllers. All of them are Pioneer. The S1 (old but solid), the SX2 and the newest addition the RX3 (just standalone). And I also use the Alesis samplepad pro when I do afro house for extra percussion. In producing, there is nothing fancy, just a scarlet soundcard, my KRK Rokit 7 G3 monitors and my well software eqquiped pc. Kontakt and Omnisphere are a must for me in terms of software. I play 4 instruments, my main weapon is the bass, also I have a fender mexican precicion bass, some pedals directly from jam pedals (shoutout to jam!) and a little guitar, a piano and some drums, but nothing notable.

When we met in Cyprus, we were still thinking about finding a date to record an interview with the microphone. But you had to go to Greece the next day because of another gig in Athens and you have been super busy. You have events all over the area and you play in many different cities and countries. Tell us more about where you have already been and about some cool parties you have in good memory.

I’ve been on gigs to 3 countries but mostly all over Cyprus and Greece. I can mention first of all the event “Drunk Seal” in Allonisos. It’s small but absolutely a place to have a great time, with a good audience in electronic music. Another great one is “Lost + Found Drinkery” in Nicosia where I am a resident DJ and host some notable nights. Then the birthday of “Notes and Spirits” in Nicosia is definitely great, also the street parties at “Pineza”, the place where we met. Last but not least, my team and I host an event called “Electric Circus”. We had an awesome beach party in July and everyone had a blast!

What is planned for the next few months? Tell us more about the upcoming events and gigs where you can be seen and heard. Which parties should we note and which festivals should we put on our calendar?

You can find me every month mostly fridays and saturdays at “Palaia Pineza”, also at “Lost + Found” and at “Notes and Spirits”. We’re hosting another “Electric Circus” at 27th December at “Club Teez” in Nicosia with fantstic afro house. DON’T MISS THIS! And there are also some gigs which are not completely finalized yet for Greece.

Let’s talk a little more about the music scene and subcultures in Cyprus. Altogether about the free space for creativity and party. It is a difficult issue in all countries around the world, but how is the current situation in Cyprus? As a DJ and creative person, do you feel like you have to fight for your freedom or is there space for creativity? Is there allowance or even support from the state or is it more with reglementation and regulation? How do you feel about that?

We are progressing. Slowly but we do. Compared to other countries, we still have some issues because people don’t tend to see art as an actual thing that provides intellectually. Things in Cyprus are much more better than in Greece, at least here we took an unemployment benefit during the Covid era but nothing more. I personally don’t expect anything from the state, but from myself. And a little more in the common sense of how important is art to the people. If we’re gonna speak in terms of censoring the art, I really don’t care and neither I will ever censor my projects.

You are very versatile in music, everybody will notice that immediately while listening to your music. But you also play several instruments yourself. You wrote there are 4 instruments. Tell us more about that, because you are not only a DJ, but you can also play instruments live.

I used to play in 3 bands in the past and mostly when I participate at live events I play the bass. I was in a punk-rock band once and a hard rock as a bassist and producer and composer.

You wrote earlier that you have several passions besides music. Skateboarding is one of them. Tell us more about it. Do you ride regularly? What do you like about skateboarding and when did you start?

I actually don’t do much anymore. It started when i hit 30. At that time it was kind of an ”age thing”. It was more because grew up in a village and never had the opportunity to that there, so that’s just why I started it then. After that I was riding every day for about 3 years. Now I m just a casual, but I ve been on a skate trip to Barcelona for the experience. I like the feeling of skating and getting rid of all your anxiety and problems. Even for that short sort of time it heals me.

Tell us a few sentences more about the Electric Circus. It’s an event that you co-host with others. How did it start and what is this party about?

Me and Alex a.k.a. Dr Cordoba are an electronic duo, mostly influenced by latin and afro house. Along with George and another George, also called “2 Georges”, in the bar and the cocktail making, we thought to start a series of themed events, including drinks and specific style of music. We ve already done 2 of them, it went great and we re hoping for more. Its more of a passion than an actual way to make money. We want to have a good time and unite people that like the genre to have something to go to.

At “Lost + Found” you are a resident DJ and play there regularly. Tell us a bit more about this place and how it came to be that you became a permanent part of the crew there.

I went for a trial 5 years ago, my first day was Christmas. I can’t forget that in the end of the night, I was packing my stuff after I finished, and suddenly I got a standing ovation from the staff. Both sides agreed I can be an addition. “Lost + Found” was a pioneer in the cocktail industry, that has shaped the experience in Cyprus today. The bar is managed by Dinos Constantinides, a renowned bartender both in Cyprus and internationally. Its gained global recognition, featuring in the list of The World’s 50 Best Bars for eight consecutive years. Also well known for its unique vibe, exceptional hospitality, award-winning cocktails, and the distinctiveness of its music and atmosphere.

Besides the group around “Electric Circus” you are also active in some other groups and projects. What about collaborations in general? If other musicians read this post and are interested, can they contact you? And if so, how can they contact you?

I’m doing things as a co-producer, but not much as session musician anymore. But I’m always looking for good collaborations for my projects! For the next one I want to do something with political hip hop. So I m currently in the way of making it. Of course if someone sees himself amongst something I can create or do, send a message to or to my Instagram account @professormakesmusic.

Now let’s have again a look back into the past and the course of your making music story. Which other musicians have influenced you in your development? Which artists had an impact on you and which ones would you consider as role models?

The first time I got passionate with something in music, is when I listened to “Rage against the Machine”. And nothing describes much more of a role model for me than Zack de la Rocha. Nothing surprising actually, but the notable ones that influenced me are Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, System of a Down, Run the Jewels, Motorhead and the Dead Kennedys. As for the Greek, I have a special place for Manos Hatzidakis and Vangelis. From today I strongly reccomend Run the Jewels and The Four Owls.

How would you describe a “successful” party? How can you create a good, authentic event so that everyone has fun and it’s just beautiful, but so that everyone involved gets a fair fee as well? What is your advice?

It depends on what you want achieve. For me personally is to give you the energy after that to do the next one. That thing requires that you actually do something that you really love, organise and musicwise. Chasing trends is not something that works. It will maybe work in short terms but you are not building a crowd of dedicated people. My advice is to follow something you are good at or something you wish to be good at. Eventually things will come. Also failure is a crucial part of learning things, but that doesn’t mean to give up.

You wrote that you have already performed in many places in Cyprus and Greece. At what other places would you like to DJ one day? Is there a dream for a special place where you would like to play?

Coachella I guess, hahahaha! 🙂 I have performed in front of a round of 30 people up to a 3000 people crowd. I don’t care that much as long as venues have a good energy and we are having a good time. As for cities, Berlin is a must do, Barcelona, Malaga, Paris would be really cool, also the U.K. I recently discovered that I have some fan base in Finland. So send a message guys. Anywhere will do for me. I’m not picky.

Finally, I would like to ask you a somewhat philosophical but also motivating question. What gives you positive energy and how do you keep going?

For me personally it is a way of living. So I can’t think for myself anything else than a creating process. As for the days that we are living, I can understand it’s hard, but it depends where you put the effort on. For example, my way of doing things is through the need to communicate things that are happening to me and to the society. Doubting yourself is always a part of the proccess. But as long it suits yourself, doesn’t that mean that it is a reflection of your own self?
Fueling the urge to make things also has various aspects.




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