CYPRUS: Southern Nicosia – Statues, Sculptures and Memorials – Historic and Modern

Liberty Monument by IOANNIS NOTARAS

The Liberty Monument is situated at the Podocataro Bastion, one of the eleven bastions of the Walls of Nicosia. It features 17 realistic bronze figures placed against a structure in the form of a pyramid of white marble. Liberty is the highest figure with a finger pointing at the sky. Two soldiers open the chains of the prison.

The prisoners come out of prison looking around with different emotions, which reflect on their faces. Among the people in prison are priests, soldiers, civilians, villagers, ordinary people, men and women. The sculptor of the Monument is the artist IOANNIS NOTARAS from Greece.

The Monument was completed in 1973, and was never unveiled. lt was announced in 1974 that its unveiling will take place when Cyprus is free from the Turkish army that occupies almost 40% of its ground.

Explosion of Youth

After a long period of slavery, the Greek people of Cyprus revolted on 1st April 1955 with the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (E.0.K.A.) heading the struggle for liberation, against British colonialism. This struggle lasted four years. Aiding the struggle were the students of the secondary schools who on 27th January 1956, barricaded themselves to the library building which you see in front of you, and fought against the occupying forces for an entire day.

This monument symbolizes the explosion of youth and all people, whereby, from the many years of immobility and Oppression (represented by the base of the monument), it hatches, revolts and explodes (represented by the upper part ofthe monument).

Asa morphological expression for the monument, the chosen subject were the leaflets announcing the struggle, which were at the time distributed by the students. The opening sentence of the initial announcement is illustrated on the uppermost leaflet which is lifted by the winds of freedom. Scattered leaflets are engraved onto the concrete floor.


This artwork was made as a collaboration work by students of the University of Nicosia together with students of the University of Innsbruck in Austria. It was curated by the Department of Architecture for the Master of Science in Computational Design and Digital Fabrication.







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