CHILE: Streetart Angol – Juan Sallato 2681 – DESDE & GREEMS

This mural is composed of two works, the one on the left by DESDE and the other in the right by GREEMS. The mural is divided where there is a bush, around the middle of the mural, which can be seen at different times of the year with more or less foliage.

The first graffiti at the left, where a child is seen blowing soap balloons, there is a flop that says DESDE . In the upper part of the mural, there is the black figure of a girl with braids.

At the bottom of the Flop, there is a stencil that reads COSECHANDO, which means in Enlgish “harvesting”. There is also a marijuana leaf and a woman with a shovel. Clearly as you can see, there are ideas and intentions with this art work.

The second graffiti is a flop that says GREEMS with a background of skyscrapers at sunset. The flop is decorated with stencils, some with stars, others figures and special stencil in metal color that says GREEMS written many times.

This mural is almost in front of the Memorial Monument in honor of Alberto Larraguibel and his horse Huaso, who exceeded 2.47 meters in height in 1949, establishing a world record in horse jumping that lasts to this day. On the right you can see as well the graffiti artworks from Juan Sallato 2685

One of the photos shows a written date that says 02/10/12, which means that this mural was made in 2012, a decade ago. Therefore, this is another place in Angol where my thesis that I established in Cautín 710, it is fulfilled. The thesis says: “in small cities in Chile there is no competition to find a wall to make graffiti, so that graffiti can remain unperturbed for more than a decade”.

Salvador J. Seda  –  Angol  –  September 2022


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Artist:  GREEMS

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Photographer: Salvador Seda

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