CHILE: Streetart Angol – Guacolda 1413 – El Bar Grande

El Bar Grande

This restaurant called “El Bar Grande” has an interesting and old mural that advertises to attract customers. The drawing shows a huaso (Chilean cowboy) with a carboy of wine in one of his hands as he prepares to take a drink directly from the carboy.

The mural itself makes us think that the bar is only for men, most likely workers and men from the fields. It is the typical old and macho stereotype where a strong male is shown; who is not afraid of anything and who also has everything under control. And if he’s good at drinking alcohol, then he’s even more macho; that’s what I think the figure represents.

In addition, it is clear to me that the artist of this mural used paints and brushes, as these marketing works were done in the past, not with the spray cans used by young people today.

Finally, it can be concluded that the bar has been in disuse for a long time and that no one enters to drink wine anymore because on the steps you can see that even grass has grown.

Salvador J. Seda  –  Angol  –  May 2022

Photographer: Salvador Seda

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