CHILE: Streetart Angol – Arturo Prat 45 – Monumento Pedro de Oña

Pedro de Oña

Today, the population of Chile is around 19,120,000, while the inhabitants of Angol are barely 53,262, which means that by percentage Angol is only 0.28% of the entire population of Chile. Even so, the first known Chilean writer was born in Angol in 1570 and his name was Pedro de Oña.

He is known for an epic poem about the conquest of the Mapuche people, although Spain never dominated the Mapuche people and it was only achieved by the Chilean government in the late 1880s, after defeating Peru and Bolivia in the War of the Pacific.

Pedro de Oña is considered an illustrious son of Angol. That fact is the main reason why this important statue is located at the end of Avenue Bernardo O’Higgins’ bridge that crosses the Rehue River, being the main avenue towards Downtown Angol.

In the last protests related to the demands of the Mapuche people, the stone base of the sculpture was the object of symbols and writings. The writing that says “Newen Mapuche” means strength, and also represents a profound energy born from the Mapuche worldview.

This opportunity is taken to show the statue next to different sunsets that illustrate the beauty of the Araucanía Region. The last two photos were taken before the construction of the new bridge, where you can see columns and bars that no longer exist. Only the statue of Pedro de Oña remains.

Salvador J. Seda  –  Angol  –  November 2021

Photographer: Salvador Seda

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