BRITAIN: Architectural beauty and relaxing nordic nature – Aberystwyth in Wales

Thanks a lot for the interesting article and the great photos about this nice exploration trip from Still Keep Moving Forward. Check out as well the Instagram channels with frequently good content about travel and streetart. For urban art in the area, have a look on the article Streetart Aberystwyth.

I’m from Warsaw, Poland.  I love Italy and I try to spend all my holidays there. But it’s not about me. Despite the fact that I love Italy, I want to introduce you to a small beautiful town in Wales, UK. It’s a wonderful place if you want to rest, to de-stress, and breath free. Wonderful town is situated between two hills: Constitution Hill and the second one which name I don’t know.

Aberystwyth. It’s a really lovely, cute place, full of young people because of Aberystwyth University. So far at this University there was a lof of young people from all over European Union. The university is located in several locations. Particularly interesting is the oldest part of the university – Old College – which looks like out of Harry Potter movies – I mean Hogward.

Also my daughter finished her studies there. Fine Art. The town is full of beautiful, colorful, small streets.

You can find pubs, cafes and restaurants everywhere. I especially like White Horse and Coffee Number One, where you can drink the best coffee in Aberystwyth.

You will also find the Italian restaurant Little Italy, as well as Hungarian, Turkish and Indian restaurants. All around Aberystwyth you will find wonderful Welsh nature.

You can also meet herds of sheep everywhere. I don’t know if you know, but Wales has over 3 million people and 11 million sheep.

It is a brilliant place, if you want to calm down, rest, stay for some time just here and now.

Close to Aberystwyth is the small town of Borth which sits above a vast beach where you feel as if suspended between heaven and earth, between the past and the present.

Wales is said: sheep, castles and peace of mind. So I don’t want to bore you with stories about nature or details about architecture (which I don’t know about). Just look at the photos and if you like them, visit this place, because no one knows how long it will be that diverse and full of young people from all over Europe, Brexit will definitely leave its mark on this place.




  White Horse:

  Coffee Number One:


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