ARTIST: Sprayer and SOSSVA member CURLY

The British Sprayer Keiron Curly Whitehead changes the face of his surroundings and is doing this in several ways, totally open minded with honesty but as well with a radical uncompromising way. CURLY is a member of The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists and his range of creative work is basically graffiti and streetart, but as well canvas, drawing and actually everything you can paint on. His saying: As long as the paint can stick on it, I paint it. The sprayer from Darwen loves to do walls but did also already all kinds of vehicles. Cars, caravans or wagons but on the bucket list there is still a plane and a helicopter. Check out the article with an interview.



ARTIST:   Painter Phillip Cross

Coincidence or destiny? We had a special and creative encounter in the land of the rising sun after a long day of sightseeing in Hiroshima. During our trip to Japan, we came across the painter Phillip Cross, who himself was on an inspirational journey through Asia. Deep in painting and flipping through his sketches, he sat at the table, listening to music and seemed inconspicuous at first. But the drawings spoke for themselves and in conversation Phillip told of his previous experiences and the art. The deep passion for painting was equally clear, he draws from passion and is almost driven away. In a positive way.



Streetart Camden – London

Photogallery about the amazing Streetart and Graffiti in the London neighbourhood Camden and around the Camden Market.