VENEZUELA: Mérida – City Report

Mérida (Spanish full name Santiago de los Caballeros de Mérida) is the capital and commercial center of the state of Mérida with 317,410 inhabitants counted in 2013. The city is as well the tourist and university center of the Venezuelan West and located in the begining of the higher levels of the andes. There are heaps of canyons, little creeks and the mountain landscape offers heaps of outdoor activities of all kind.

It shows as well how adventurous but as well inventious humans can be, the nature gives the opportunity. You can go for bungee jumping or paragliding, if you like water then there is rafting, canoeing or as well canyoning for the ones you are in climbing as well.  During our stay we went on a canyoning tour with our personal guid and did paragliding with a group of locals. Still had to pay them, but it was just awesome!

Here are some impressions from the city of Mérida. Architecture and city life snap shots. Check out as well the article about the Adventurous Sports in Mérida.


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