VENEZUELA: Coro and the Médanos Nationalpark

Coro, officially Santa Ana de Coro, is the capital of the Venezuelan state of Falcón with about 258,000 inhabitants and is located on the Caribbean Sea at the north coast of Venezuela. In the north you can reach the Paraguaná peninsula via the isthmus of Médanos. In the northwest, the Gulf of Coro extends as a marginal sea of ​​the Gulf of Venezuela. Off the coast are the Netherlands Antilles: In the north is Aruba and in the northeast there is Curaçao. In the south begins after a few kilometers, the hills of the Sierra de Coro. The closest major cities are in the south Barquisimeto and in the southeast Valencia.

Close to Coro there is the Médanos National Park or Médanos de Coro National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Los Médanos de Coro). The park was founded in 1974 and covers 91,280 hectares of desert, coast and salt marsh. The large dunes (“Médanos”) extend over a length of 5 to 30 kilometers and can grow up to 40 meters high. Strong winds constantly change their shape. Because of the very rare rainfall, the flora consists of prickly shrubs. The fauna is also sparse and consists mainly of lizards, hares, anteaters, foxes, pigeons and hawks. The National Park can be reached by bus or taxi from the nearby town of Coro.


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