USA: New artworks from fantastic painter Charles Samuel Wait – Digital Graphics Artworks – 2023

Besides the awesome painting artworks made by creative mind CHARLES SAMUEL WAIT, we show you here now a collection of digital artworks in graphic style with an interview and the artist tells us about his creative doings. Of course new canvas paintings get continously created too, but also those new funny, graphic and emojylike characters with interesting little messages. Check out as well the artworks from 2022, the artworks from 2021 and the main article with an interesting interview in 2019. Meanwhile there are also numerous collections of urban art from cities in North Carolina included, photographed by CHARLES SAMUEL WAIT. You can find all the links to the mentioned pages and to the urban art collection in the Infothek at the end of the page.

On this page here we show some of your digital works. Besides the canvas work, you have started to create virtual artworks as well. How did it come about?

The truth is from a very young age I was very creative. I’ve always dabbled in creative outlets to express my emotions. I started focusing on designing digital works as another way to theoretically be creative about a year ago. I find that having multiple outlets to place energy helps me as an artist stay motivated and constantly creating.

How did you create these graphics and characters? What program, app or software do you use? Have you already tried several? If so, which ones do you recommend and which ones don’t?

I use Canya. A free app of which contains several pre-uploaded designs & formats of which the user can freely create without having to pay unless wanted for more creative options. The techniques I use in my paintings I incorporate into my digital works. I heard good reviews about this app & luckily with a little practice I was able to get better at designing over time. It is not so much what app or software you use but how you use what you have and applying effort into said process. That is how you naturally get better at any hobby or skill.

Let’s talk a little more specifically about individual series of works. What’s the deal with the alphabetical letter sequences? So “abcdef….”. What were your thoughts on that?

Those specific designs were created at night with the inspiration being jazz music. I love jazz and a way to be creative trying to incorporate the feelings or emotions I was dealing with in that moment were expressed in correlation to that sense of inspiration.




The emoji-like figures and also simple items that deal with the issue of ownership are also very interesting. “Is that mine?”. What’s it all about? Tell us your thoughts on it and how the works came to be.

I started creating short descriptive cartoons from digital designs with expressive texts as a way to create & to use on my social media profile. I create these cartoons in hopes to encourage and create reactions just as I do with my art. The term, “Is that mine,” is simply a funny random expressive line of which once read out loud should in hopes create a reaction. That’s art.

Now let’s move on to the box of mixed up contents that you’ve rendered in pop-art-style and in different colors. Why these objects in that constelation? How did you come up with it and what were your thoughts?

Those specific pre-made designs connect to my job type of which I’ve worked in high demand warehouses. Also they stem a sense of, “Graffiti,” like style of which I base my photography, cooking, writing, painting & coffee creations off of due to the expressive nature of self in said creating & selected design.

The next one will be about the eyes and the little emoji that reminds me of the staple on the old Word program from many years ago. Tell us more about this series.

These designs were created for a short expressive comic of which I screenshot & used on my social media. The truth of the matter is I love to write as much as I love to create art.

What is it about the talking and laughing fruits? The shining melon or the coffee cup?

I create writings that touch base on certain topics that may seem sensitive but are used to inspire. Sometimes with these writings I create digital works to accent the created short writing(s).

There’s another series where the eye emoji has gone down to science. The background is filled with mathematical formulas or drawings. It looks very scientific and like the helpful eyes of a professor. What’s the deal with these graphics?

I love science. I enjoy reading & studying it & in this case, barn! A mixed media design.

Then we have another series with “What is this?”. There it alternates between great and interesting characters, all kept very much in comic style. But there are heroes as well as villains. Tell us more about it.

This also connects to creating writing material of which I’ve been writing since age 9. I love to create thought inducing writing material to evoke emotion of which the emotion I like to evoke in my writing is positivity or happiness/inspiration.


What’s about the robot? The “commo ally tay”. What does it mean and what is the story and idea behind it?

This is comedic word-play. The nature of using letters in a certain way to create new pronunciation.

Then there are the sayings and short phrases. A mix of simple wit and absurdity, but also thought-provoking. Tell us more about it, what is it specifically with these graphics?

Comedic designs. I find switching up your language in said style of art helps you as an artist stay productive.

And now, as a conclusion, the question about everything together. Because there are single focused works, but you also do very interesting collages where you just put everything together. It’s a mishmash of many individual elements and through this combination, again, completely new works result. Tell us more about the collages in particular.

I started doing collages in hopes to get my designs actually featured on a Sheetz gas truck of which is a popular stop & go in the USA. There is a participation event of which I’m unsure of the dates of organizing that Sheetz advertises on the backs of their Sheetz gas trucks that describe projects in which you can theoretically get your work(s) on a truck. I just thought it would be really cool.




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