USA: New York – Manhattan Street Life

Our visit was just awesome! Thanks a lot to crazy and surprisefull taxi drivers, to fantastic cheese cake bakers, to great stand up comedians and definitely for sure thanks a lot for cinema pass out places when they are needed! Sorry for the snorring! 🙂 But the Lincoln movie is quite a long one and even without  the New York nightlife we would have fallen asleep in those cozy cinema seats. Thanks a lot for the contribution of the pics from photographer Alexander Teczar.


>>> Streetart – Atlanta <<<

>>> Mural Artist LITUMAISM <<<

>>> Sonny Lee L – Digital Painter <<<

>>> Artist Marc Kennedy <<<

>>> Artist Charles Samuel Wait <<<

>>> Manhattan Street Life <<<

>>> Streetart NY Upper Eastside <<<

>>> Atlanta – M.L. King City <<<

>>> Streetart Las Vegas Downtown <<<