THAILAND: Streetart Bangkok

It is actually not that easy to find graffiti or street paintings in Bangkok. At first you wouldn’t think that and the city is also basically just a single “street art”. A mish-mash of humans strolling around, countless food variations and stalls. Everything is packed with stuff, the buildings and walls are full of trinkets, neon signs, advertisements, cable clutter, hanging laundry or any kind of garbage. But that’s why there is not much room for bigger graffitis there. At least in the center. Of course there are tags everywhere and smaller fast made stuff, but large free wall surfaces are rare and bigger artworks are more found in the outer neighbourhoods or at hidden places.

But you do not always have to paint or spray on walls. Bangkok has 8.2 million inhabitants and is constantly growing, it is everywhere wildly built or rebuilt. Construction sites are in nearly every second street, which are then shielded with large corrugated metal walls. There are innumerable of them. And those are perfect surfaces to do artistic work! The local sprayers and painters have long since discovered this possibility and decorate these otherwise barren-gray facades again and again in small to larger projects. The shutters of the shops and abandoned minivans are also a great surface.

So there is graffiti and street art in Bangkok. Of course. We have also discovered hidden graffiti in the usual manner, but rather few and isolated. So look for the “construction sites” during your stay.

Here’s a nice spray video from Color Fighter about doing some pieces in the Bangkok central city: