POLAND: Streetart Wiechlice – Pałac Wiechlice – Prince Henry’s Castle and Napoleonic Field Hospital

Wiechlice is a small village in western Poland near the town of Szprotawa in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. The idyllic landscape is popular for vacation trips and the famous Pałac Wiechlice, a castle built by Prince Henry in the 18th century, has since been converted into a spa resort. Even though the town is small, it is also home to interesting streetart. These great photos of urban creations were taken by photographer ROBI DILLA.

Napoleonic War  –  Wiechlice field hospital

During the Napoleonic Wars, a field hospital for French and Italian soldiers was located on the grounds of Wiechlice Castle. During the course of the war, large sums of money in pay for the soldiers were also stored at various surrounding manor houses

Photographer:  ROBI DILLA


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