LITHUANIA: Vilnius Open Gallery – The Murals Factory Land

If you go to Vilnius and you like huge fantastic murals, you have to go to the Open Gallery at the Menu Fabricas in the quarter Naujamiestis. The area is open all around the clock and people are actually working and doing stuff. It is a little industrial quarter, just a little block between some streets with several small factories. And the owners let artist put some artworks on the factory walls and the administration buildings. It´s suprising and inspiring, as well super esthetic. They have several Streetart Festivals in Vilnius and every time they keep some artworks and more color stays on the city walls.

If you don´t know the entrance it is not that easy to find, because on Google Maps and other providers it just shows somewhere at a building. Check the website, there is an exact map. The entrance to walk in is from the south, on this side there is Paneriy Street. But when you walk in you see the information box and a huge welcome banner. Here is the map and the artist description of this place.

I created as well an interactive map with some more photos of the several spots and murals and integrated also the newer ones. These are still only pics – If you really want expire the artworks, you just have to go there for a journey by yourself!

(1a) – E.Zacharevic (LT)
(1b) – E.Zacharevic (LT)
(2) – boicut (AT)
(3) – E. Narbutaité (LT)
(4) – Justinas Žožo (LT)
(5) – Zekanowski (FR)
(6) – IUSTAS (LT)
(7) – Dirty Elmo (SE)
(8) – L. Kutavičius (LT)
(9) – Clouds
(10) – Tarabilda (LT)
(11) – A. Dubras (LT)
(12) – K ART 7 (LT)
(13) – Sokar uno (DE)
(14) – ECOL (IT)
(15) – E. Ragožius (LT)
(16) – K ART 7 (LT)
(17) – Face
(18) – D. Leitner (AT)
(19) – PERKUP (AT)
(20) – V. Visminas (LT)
(21) – Wall Art
(22) – Reading
(23) – R. Armonas (LT)
(24) – K. Kurilionok (LT)
(25) – P. Phobia (AT)


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