GHANA: Volta Home – Ve Deme Orphanage

The Volta Home – also known as Ve Deme Orphanage – is situated in Ve Deme in the Afadjato South constituency of the Volta Region. The facility was founded by pastor Issa Dan Annabi and his wife about 30 years ago. They came as missionaries to this poor and rural area and noticed the urgend support these people here needed in many social issues. They did not only take care of the orphans, they establish as well supportive aid for older people and the ones who need caring help. Meanwhile the son Emmanuel takes care of the organisation and the leading of the orphanage.

At the moment there are 6 other assistants, educators and teacher who help the family to take care of the 56 children. The facility has no running water, no borewhole, the old water pump stopped working some time ago, enough food and a healthy nutrition isn´t guaranteed and there ist not enough budget to repair the beds or even buy matresses. The construction of another dorm for especially the girls is required since a while as well. But the children know how to do it themselves and created some toys and sport equipment. In the last years the kids took part at a few tournaments with other schools and won some prizes, Issa shows them proudly.

Volta home is a private running istitution, pastor Issa Dan Annabi didn´t get any support from the state or the government since the founding. The only support they get is from some private philantrops from the United States, from Germany and Australia – which is definitly not enough to serve the several basic needs of the children and much less for the necessary equipment for an adequate education. The orphanage and the included school therefore are depending necessarily on volunteer workers, who support with the education, the supervicion and the day care. Many children could go to continuing schools and a blind girl even started her studies at the university. Supporter who have been there during the last years created allready some PR for the oprhanage. There is a website and there are some videos about the children online – You will find the link adress below.

The orphanage is as well part of the network of our partner NGO ARDI (Advocacy for Rural Development International). The get contact information about ARDI in Ghana you can get here on their profile, below you can find information to get in contact with the orphanage directly. The facility provides accomodation for volunteers for the thime they want to stay. We had interview with “Daddy” Issa Dan Annabi and one with his son Emmanuel, you can listen to them here on the page. On a short documentary movie you can find a tour through the areal with a visit of the dorms and some conversations with the children. Interessted volunteers can find as well the viewing over the accomodation the video.



Adress: Volta Home Oprhanage, Ve Deme, Afadjato South Constituency, Volta Region – Post Box 61 Ve Golokwati / VoltaRegion, Ghana


  Phone: +233246779677 / +233209006621


Short movie about the children from the year 2010, “making food” and “football game” ( Link1, Link2, Link3 )

  Website from private supporters from Australia:

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