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The Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) “Solid Rock Association” was fromed by the president Arkaah Kobina, vice-president William Segbedzi and other friends, artists and supporters in the year 2000 and formally registered by the Registrar General Department, and recognized by the Department of social welfare with recognition No. SW 4832 on November the 16th 2009. In middle of the the poverty areal – the slum – next to the Center für National Art and Culture close to 28th February Road there is the Solid Rock Association Headquarters. It provides a secure place and a clean environment for the children in the slum.

The volunteer social workers educate the children with a lot of different kind of artistic skills, like painting, making music, playing drums, making clothes and bags and a lot of other subjekts of creation. The kids shall kept away from the streets and in the the backyard of the organization-house they can make musik, play and dance. These are the simple and easy ways how to built up a communication with children and how to give them the oportunity to have fun and learn at the same time. The children are just not used to go to school or even to go anywhere continuly to learn something. Solid Rock wants to go directly to the roots and want to start with giving impulses exactly there. Lateron they are going to teach the children who are often coming to the facility basic mathematics, English or geographics. The Association has as well an IT-area, here they teach how to use computer software, but at the moment three of the four computers are to old or damaged to work with.

The president Arkaah Kobina and the vice-president William Segbedzi speak in interviews about the founding, the development, concept and the actual projekts of the Solid Rock Association:

Their mission is, to break the cycle of poverty by creating a cycle of wealth in underserved communities. Their vision is to implement sustainable programs that improves the quality of life in underserved communities, through investment, training opportunities and lifesaving services, now and for future generations. – Some other institutions support the organization time by time and invite them to events. The Goethe Institut language school in Accra has a colaboration with the NGO and the music and dancing groups are performing at the school. The artists travel to different parts of the country and try to educate with their music and their art in underserved communities as well, the children are learning at the same time to help and to do social work with their art. The main problem for these activities is the budget for transportation, here they don´t have vehicles, driving services or any discounts.



Adress: P.O.BOX AC 571 Center for Natioinal Culture, 00233 Accra, Ghana



Phone: +233 302976342  /  +233 243322558

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