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The Nursing and Health Assistant Training School Teshie (HATS, Teshie) was instituted on 28th January 2008 due to the ministry of health decision to train a middle level cadre to assist the professional nurse in carrying out her duties, and to contribute to the improvement of the staffing situation in the clinical area. One of the tutors – Sandra Opoku – took part at the HITA midwife exchange programme in 2014 and went to Germany for three month. Currently she is teaching at Teshie. As a school their mission is to train competent middle level cadre nurses who will contribute creditably to the health care delivery in Ghana through promotive, preventive and curative services. The school started under a canopy with a teaching staff of four, one non teaching staff and a student numerical strength of seventy-two. Currently, the school has ten staff members with eight teaching staff and three non-teaching staff. The motto for the school is “Service to humanity”.

For the 2007/2008 academic year admissions, there were 180 applicants out of which 150 were shortlisted. 72 applicants, including 5 males were selected for the programme.

For the 2013/2014 academic year’s admission, there were 1000 applicants out of which 600 were shortlisted. 250 applicants, including 40 males gained admission and 203 reported for the programm. The Lekma Hospital is located directly next to the school and the students can do their pracitcal work and other examinations there. The close location is very useful and the colaboration between the school and the hospital is an ideal oportunity for the students to combine theoretical knowledge with pracitcal experience. A lot of students do pracical internships during the vacacions at the facility, but there are programms as well during the school times. Here you can get to the profile of the Lekma Hospital.

The student population stands at eight hundred. The number of students have been increased in a short time by tripling the amount, but the ministry of health doesn´t provide any other support. With the infrastructure of the school, the lack of room and staff has not been dealed with. The tutors are now in the situation that they have to teach classes with about 200 students and some of them under canopies outside. This is definitly not a good learning environment and if there is bad weather they even have to stop the classes. But the school builts up two new class rooms with their own budget and with help from private supporters. In end of 2015 the buildings should be finished.


Principal: Helen Gifty Dwamina Amoah

In 2008 she founded the school and worked since then very enthusiastic on developing the teaching system and increasing the number of students. In most of the cases it´s all about leadership, and Mrs. Amoah is a strong and great women who is going straight forward in achieving better aims for the students and her school. She isn´t satisfied with the basic support they get, so she started implementing and building up structures with their own budged. In 2011 they constructed a computer lab by their own and at the moment they building up structures for three new class room buildings.

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Deputy Principal: Afua Serwaa Agyeman

Afua Serwaa Agyeman is the Deputy Principal of the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie near Accra. She is the assistant for the principal in all organisation issues and administrative planing. She is the person all the other tutors speak to and some kind of psychological advocate for them. She has to ensure the good communication about the ongoing school system at Teshi between all the different staff, the principal and all the students as well. Overall she´s also a tutor and gives classes in huge sizes – at the moment for around 200 students in one class.

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Tutor: Sandra Opoku

Sandra Opoku is a tutor at the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie near Accra. As well she took part on the HITA midwife project and was from April 2014 till July 2014 in Germany for an exchange program to do and learn in practical work in different facilities and to built up an e-learning platform with other midwifes and nurses from Germany.

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IT – Tutor: Nesta Osekre

Nesta Secco is the IT-Tutor of the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie near Accra. He is responsible for all the issues and problems with information and communication technology at the school, in advocacy for students and as well for the teachers. He teaches also the students how to use a computer, the software and how to use this knowledge for working on their projects and subjects. Since 2012 the school has a new e-lab with several computers, Nesta is taking care of them, he build up a Facebook page which he is maintaining frequently and is currently working on an website for the school. In the interview we speak about the problems the school is facing, especially from the perspecitve of the development of modern computer technologies and e-learning.

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Tutor: Mavis Pida

Sista Peta is a tutor at the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie near Accra. At the moment the school has a lot of problems with very huge classes around 200 students, not enough class rooms for the pupils and staff, accommodation rooms and an assembly hall. They started getting their own support and trying to build up this buildings by their own and it works. We are discussing the problems and difficulties they have at the school with maintaining a good education for the future live saving personell. As well we discuss new methods of e-learning systems and ways of using it for teaching.

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Tutor: Rita Johnson

Rita Johnson is one of the tutors of the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie near Accra. Rita tells HITA Radio about the teaching situation in Teshie, about the problems the school is facing at the moment and ways how they are trying to solve the difficulties. We are speaking about e-learning und e-solutions as well and how these methods could improve the educational work at the school.

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Tutor: Irene Butler

Irene Butler is as well a tutor of the Nursing and Health Assistant Training School in Teshie near Accra. She tells HITA in an interview how it is to teach at the facility. At the moment the numbers of students at the school got trippeled up to 800, but the infrastructure hasn´t been improved. The tutors are teaching classes with about 200 students at the same time and some of the classes have to be outside under canopies. But the school is constructing two new buildings with their own budget and with privat supportes to give the students a better and more adequate learning environment. But there is still a lot to do and to improve. Irene brings in as well a good point in the discussion about new e-learning methods and e-solutions as usage in educational issues. But if there is still an electricity problem, a fully and overall dependence on information technology devices remains sceptical and critical.

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We did as well a group discussion with five local students. Here you can listen to the podcast. If you want to help or support the school, you can find the necessary contanct information at the end of the article.


Here is a short walk through the buildings and an overview of the school area:


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