GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – IG Farben Campus – Norbert Wollheim Memorial

The Norbert Wollheim Memorial is named after Norbert Wollheim (1913–1998), survivor of the Buna / Monowitz concentration camp. For I.G. Farben performing forced labor on the construction site in Auschwitz. In 1951 he sued the group in a test case for compensation. The Wollheim Memorial combines the memory of the victims of Buna / Monowitz with information about the history of their persecution and compensation.

The location of the Norbert Wollheim Memorial is the I.G. Farben-Haus, today the seat of the humanities and cultural studies departments of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Here, at the former headquarters of one of the largest chemical companies in the world, photographs in the park show the way to a small pavilion on the edge of the site. The photographs, portraits of young people, later prisoners in the Buna / Monowitz concentration camp, illustrate everyday Jewish life before the Holocaust and testify to the destroyed worlds.

There is a number above the door of the pavilion: 107 984, Norbert Wollheim’s prisoner number. Inside, visitors see a wall inscription and two screens. In 24 video interviews, survivors of the Buna / Monowitz concentration camp tell of their childhood and youth in different parts of Europe, of their deportation, of their imprisonment in the camp and their life after the Holocaust. A bilingual website with introductory and detailed texts, images and documents enables these reports to be contextualized.

Historical information and documents on the I.G. Farben, her Buna / Monowitz concentration camp and Nazi forced labor are supplemented by a presentation of the history of the judicial processing of National Socialism and the compensation of Nazi forced labor. Forms of memory of the Holocaust are presented and questions about witness and commemoration are raised. Here, too, the focus is on testimonies from the survivors of Buna / Monowitz.  –  Wollheim Memorial


  Cultural Monument:  Norbert Wollheim Memorial



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